Navigating the complex landscape of corporate cab booking for ad-hoc purposes can be a major headache for both employees and administrators alike. Employees get into a never-ending chasing loop with their reporting managers and admins to get their ad-hoc rides approved. Post that obstacles like last-minute cancellations, surge pricing, and the challenge of finding trusted vendors, make the process a nightmare. What’s worse, in some areas, cab booking solutions might not be available, leaving employees stranded without a reliable mode of transportation.

This especially stands true for out-of-station trips where the absence of a company vehicle can compound the issue. Thankfully, there’s a solution that can bring order to this chaos – Autologix.

Introducing Autologix: A Seamless Cab Booking Solution for Corporates

Autologix steps in as the ultimate solution to streamline and simplify the entire corporate cab booking process. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Autologix brings automation to the forefront, making the process efficient and hassle-free for organizations. This innovative solution eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and calls, streamlines management approvals, and enhances resource utilization to significantly improve the cab booking experience.

Further, Autologix offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools – Admin Dashboard, Employee App, and Driver App to build a smooth traveling experience for employees.

Exploring the Features of Autologix

  • Automated Approvals: One of the most frustrating aspects of manual corporate cab booking is the need to chase approvals via emails or messages. With Autologix, this hassle can be entirely eliminated. The platform automatically handles the approval process, ensuring that bookings are seamlessly confirmed without delays. Even in cases where a vendor rejects a booking, the system efficiently forwards it to the next prioritized vendor, saving valuable time, effort, and resources.
  • Customized Rate Cards: Autologix allows for seamless integration of pre-approved vendor rate cards. This feature ensures that the cost of each trip aligns with the agreed-upon rates, preventing any discrepancies and providing transparency in billing.
  • Standardized Billing: Generating trip receipts has never been easier. Autologix instantly generates receipts for every duty, ensuring accurate billing and minimizing confusion.
  • Multiple Vendor Collaboration: The platform facilitates collaboration with multiple vendors, broadening your options and ensuring you always have a reliable alternative, even in peak demand periods.
  • Digital Payment Integration: Autologix integrates with popular digital payment gateway – Razorpay, offering secure and hassle-free payment options. This integration simplifies the payment process and adds an extra layer of convenience for both employees and administrators. Additionally, organizations have complete flexibility to choose who pays for the trip. Either employees can pay directly after the trip ends, or vendors can do direct payment settlements with companies.
  • Reports & Analytics: The admin dashboard of Autologix comes equipped with comprehensive reporting and analytics features. This empowers administrators to gain insights into cab usage, expenditure patterns, and vendor performance, enabling informed decision-making.
  • SOS Alerts: Safety is a paramount concern, especially when it comes to employee transportation. Autologix incorporates SOS alerts within the employee app, ensuring that help is just a tap away in case of emergencies.

Benefits of Autologix

  • Safety & Compliance: Autologix prioritizes safety by collaborating with trusted vendors and incorporating safety features within the app. This ensures that employees are always in secure hands during their journeys.
  • Time & Cost Savings: The automation of the corporate cab booking process reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities. The standardized billing and rate cards also contribute to cost savings, preventing any unexpected overcharges.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: With a reliable and efficient cab booking system in place, employees experience fewer disruptions during their travel. This, in turn, leads to improved job satisfaction and overall employee morale.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Autologix lightens the load on administrators by automating approval processes, generating receipts, and providing comprehensive reports. This reduction in administrative work translates to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Real-Time Information Flow: Autologix offers real-time updates and notifications, ensuring that employees are always in the loop about their bookings, routes, and any changes that may occur.


In a world where efficiency, safety, and convenience are paramount, Autologix emerges as a game-changer in the realm of ad-hoc corporate cab booking. With its powerful features, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface, it takes the stress out of the process, benefiting both employees and administrators. No more frantic email exchanges, no more uncertainty about pricing, and certainly no more unreliable vendors. Autologix offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire journey from booking to payment, ultimately leading to enhanced employee satisfaction, reduced administrative burdens, and significant cost and time savings.

Are you ready to revolutionize your corporate cab booking process? Book a free demo with Autologix today and experience the future of hassle-free ad-hoc transportation management. Your employees deserve the best, and Autologix is here to deliver it.